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Why do I need Personalised Uniforms?

Branded clothing for your business is important because:

  1. It makes you look serious and professional.
  2. Your workforce looks united and recognisable.
  3. Branding should be consistent across everything you do including your workwear.
  4. Helps you create trust with a customer.
  5. Stops your own clothing from being ruined at work.

Thousands of garments are available to be personalised with either print or embroidery.

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How much do branded uniforms cost?

This is a question we get asked all the time. It varies due to the following:

  • The brand selected
  • Type of garment
  • Personalisation method picked
  • Quantity of garments
  • Number of placements for your decoration (e.g front and back)

If you are working with a budget, then we will suggest a good quality but cost-friendly garment. Secondly, we will keep the number of positions for decoration to a minimum. There is no minimum order for our clothing.

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Shall I pick Embroidery or Print for my logo?

We will have to see your logo before we can help you decide on this. Depending on how it looks, we will suggest one or the other. Factors such as complexity, amount of colours, size etc will come into this choice.

Another deciding factor would be the type of garments that you pick. Some of our garments are not suitable for embroidery and vice versa.

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What do you need from me?

To quote for your uniforms, we first need to know which garments you want personalised. Next, we would need to know the final quantity of garments which will enable a discount if over 10 items or more.

Lastly, we will require a copy of your logo. We would need to know where you would like this on your garments and if you wish to have print or embroidery. The first order is always the hardest!

Once we have your logo on file and the garments you typically order, reordering is a breeze.

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What uniform is best for my business?

The type of garments that you require will depend on the type of business. Hardwearing garments will be required by companies working outside such as Tree Surgeons and Groundworkers. On the opposite end of the scale, if you work in the office then different garments will be required. Once we know the nature of your business and what you want to achieve with the garments then we can suggest the right clothing for you.

There are over 1000 products to pick from on our website, browse our full collection here.

How long will my order take?

Our volume of work will dictate our lead times, but typically we aim for between 7 – 10 working days. We will always advise on our current lead times when you place an order with us.

If you require your order urgently, then please contact us first and we can discuss if this is possible.

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Take a look through our wide variety of garments.

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