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Signage Removal

If you need the signage removed from your vehicle then this is a service we can provide. We charge £35.00 per hour to remove graphics and the glue left underneath. The number of hours that it takes to completely remove your graphics will be quoted to you before you proceed.

Some businesses are handing back the vehicle to the leasing company and need the graphics removed. Others are selling their vehicles and lastly, some companies update their branding so may need the old branding removed first. We use specialist plastic tools to remove your signage safety and a chemical to then remove the glue residue left behind. This can be a pain to do yourself which is where we come in!

signage removal warning

Before you proceed with your vehicle signage removal, we must always explain to our customers that there is a risk. We generally do not know the state of the paintwork underneath the graphics when brought to us. When the graphics are peeled off there is a chance that the paintwork can also be removed.

Please take this into consideration before you decide to proceed with signage removal.

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