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embroidered or printed school uniforms

Schoolwear & Uniforms

Custom school uniforms have gained popularity as a means of fostering a sense of belonging, identity, and pride among students. Rather than having a one-size-fits-all approach, custom school uniforms allow for personalised touches and adaptations that reflect the unique character and values of the school.

These uniforms can feature customised designs which can be printed or embroidered, that distinguish the school from others and create a cohesive look.

Pick from Print or Embroidery and choose the position for your decoration, for example the front left and back. No minimum order.


Embroidery Available

Embroidery is the most durable personalisation method and promotes an excellent professional image.

Print drop

Print Available

Perfect for thinner garments or for large full colour prints for maximum impact.

Beyond aesthetic considerations, custom school uniforms promote inclusivity by accommodating diverse body types, sizes, and cultural preferences. By wearing custom uniforms, students develop a sense of unity and responsibility towards their institution, enhancing school spirit and fostering a positive school environment. Custom school uniforms contribute to a stronger sense of identity, a sense of equality, and a professional appearance, ultimately benefiting the overall educational experience.

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