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Car & 4x4 Graphics

Advertise on your car or add awesome decals

Own a car instead of a van? We can signwrite cars and 4 x 4's too. Brand your vehicle up with your logo, contact details and list of services! After something different? Perhaps you would like some racing decals or a funky sticker on the back. Alternatively maybe you are after some pin striping for your car to make it stand out.

A variety of options are available for car or 4x4 graphics:

  • Single colour vinyls can be used for lettering and simple graphics. This is a common option and the most affordable. It can be just as effective as a full wrap. We have a whole host of different colours available at our unit in Horndean so anybody is free to pop in to see these and pick what will actually be used on their car or 4 x 4. You are not limited to picking just one colour so feel free to pick a few colours from our vinyl rack. Our single colour vinyls have a life of up to 7 years.

  • A mixture of single colour vinyls and full colour digitally printed graphics. Have a photo or full colour graphic that needs to be displayed on the car or 4 x 4? This would be a great option for you. The lettering is usually cut out of single colour vinyls for this and the graphics are printed onto our MD3A Digital Vinyl and laminated to ensure they last up to 9 years.

  • Wrapping. If you would like full colour printed graphics or even solid colours covering difficult parts of your vehicle then chances are we will need to wrap this. Different vinyls are used for this process as they need to stay in deep recesses and contours. Some of our customers go the full mile and have their entire vehicle wrapped or if this is too costly go for a half wrap.
    Not sure what type of design would look best on your car or 4 x 4? We always offer a free deign service when it comes to vehicle graphics so rest easy! We can either provide proofs by email or we would love to meet you in person to discuss the design. We have full scale templates for most of our vehicles so the vehicle is usually not required to be brought in before the design process starts.