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Why choose Print?

Some customers prefer print over our embroidery service. There are less limitations to the design and you can print larger designs. You also aren't restricted most of the time where you can print onto the garment.

It's also a cheaper option for personalisation if you have a budget to stick to and usually does not incur set-up fees.

Aprons printed front

What can be Printed?

We can print most t shirts, polo shirts, sweats, hoodies and high visibility garments. We can print specific jackets and gilets that our brands have advised can be decorated. Not all jackets/gilets are suitable for printing.

We also advise not to have beanies printed as they tend to lose their shape. We will advise at the time when you enquiry if you pick something out that cannot be printed.

What Printing technique to do you use?

All of our prints are done so using DTF technology (Direct to Film). Your design or logo is first printed in full colour onto a transparent film.

This is then covered in a special powder and baked under our heatpresses. Once baked, this can be pressed directly onto your garment.

Leavers Hoodies

Does the Print last?

Our print will last the life of garment in the washing instructions of both the garment and print are followed.

We have tested up to 80 washes where the garment was fading faster than the print.

Overall print is an excellent alternative to embroidery so give it a go!

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