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How does Print and Embroidery work?

We customise your clothing using a range of different techniques, materials and machinery. This combination leads to the best-looking custom workwear or uniform embroidery for you. Each process comes with its own benefits and limitations. Curious to see behind the scenes how each process works?

Let us show you how each of your logos or designs are printed or embroidered onto our wide selection of clothing.

Transfer Print

The Transfer Printing Process is perfect for clothing and accessories requiring only 1-2 colour text or logos. Your design is cut out from our selection of different colour textile vinyl rolls. It is then heat-pressed onto a garment of your choice.

We recommend this process for products such as T Shirts, Hoodies, Sweats and Aprons.


Embroidery looks fantastic and is durable, making it a great choice for workwear that needs to be washed often. Find out how we stitch your designs to a wide variety of products. From polo shirts with your company logo to caps with your bespoke design.

DTF Printing

DTF, also known as Direct to film, prints beautiful full colour prints onto a transparent film. This is then heat pressed onto your clothing of choice. This method is best when needing a colourful design or if you have small details in your print. It’s also a great option if you require quite a large print, for example a photo on the front of a hoodie.

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