Window & Doors Graphics and Frosting

Having limited space at your premises can sometimes mean that there is little to no space for advertisements. What about your windows and doors? They are a perfect surface for potential prints or frosting to be shown to your customers and can really make your business look professional. This could be anything from promoting a particular service you provide or listing the opening times of your business. We have a range of different options below to pick from such as frosting, digital print, vinyl lettering and prints that can allow customers to see outside but not inside.

Vinyl Graphics & Lettering

This is usually ideal for designs such as opening times or a list of services. Your wording or graphics will be cut out of coloured vinyl rolls and then masked up with application tape ready to be applied to your windows. Your wording or graphics will be out of the colour you pick and will not contain any backgrounds. We have a swatch at our commercial unit in Horndean so it's always a great idea to pop in for a chat and to pick out the colours that you would like. You may say that you just want red but which red! We have tomato, crimson, ruby, poppy... the list goes on. At least you know this way that you will get the exact colour that matches your brand.

Full Colour Prints

This option is great for displaying big promotions or colourful displays to really attract your potential customers attention. Our Full Colour Graphics can be printed in as many colours as you need and are laminated to protect the prints from being scratched or from fading. This is also the only way to achieve a gradient (One colour gradually merging into another).

Your prints can be printed up to 1300 mm in width and can be layered together like wallpaper if you require bigger prints. The join is not noticeable from afar.

This can create big eye catching colourful displays for your business or premises.

Window Frosting

Frosting is useful for blocking out vision from inside or outside. This is used commonly for meeting rooms, surgery rooms or any room that desires a little privacy. Alternatively certain frosting material is also available that will allow you to see through it, which allows the light to pass through but can also show off exciting graphics.

There are different levels to how heavy the frosting is and how see through this is, so please ask for samples if you wish to test what they look like against your windows.

In addition to completely covering your windows, coloured graphics can also be overlaid onto the frosting giving off an interesting different look. Some of our customers like the text and graphics hollowed out of the frosting, allowing parts of this to be see-through, showing the glass behind.

Clear Vision Graphics

We love, Clear Vision. It's like magic! Our special vinyl is printed in full colour and in laminated for protection. Close up, lots of very small holes can be seen in the material which are not visible from afar.

The magical part about Clear Vision is that you can see out of your windows perfectly, whilst having a full colour image on the outside for customers to view.

This works extremely well if you need privacy but also want to advertise at the same time. 

All of the above usually requires a professional sign fitter to install so please get in touch if you require this service. If you feel brave, you are more than welcome to fit this yourself, we can give advice on this if necessary.