Transer printing

Transfer Printing differs from our Direct To Garment printing. Firstly, your garments can be polyester and cotton, no need for a high cotton % so you are free to choose from a variety of different garments.  It's our most affordable option that we offer when it comes to garment decoration and is perfect for back prints. 

The Process: Your design is either cut out of a solid coloured vinyl roll with our Summa Plotter or your design is printed onto white digital vinyl using our Large Format Roland Printer. The process above depends on the number of colours in your design.

Your design is then weeded out of the vinyl and is cut to size ready to apply to your garments. 

Using our Heat press, your garments are put under this, with the vinyl sat on top. This is then pressed down and sealed for number of seconds and at a relatively high heat (around 160 degrees) to adhere your design to the garment itself. 

Our Transfer Prints

Want to discuss branding your uniform more with us? Please contact us and we will be happy to help.