Vehicle Magnet Care Guide

Vehicle Magnet Care Guide

You've purchased some magnetic signs from us, that's great! Now follow our instructions below to ensure you get the most out of your van or car magnets.

1) Clean the area in which the vehicle magnets need to applied. (Just soapy water and rinse off)

2) When placing the magnetic signs, ensure they are placed on a flat surface (No curves or contours!)

3) Make sure that there are no gaps underneath the van or car magnet. This is to stop the wind from catching the magnets, ultimately ripping them off the vehicle.

4) Do not drive above 70MPH!

5) Remove the vehicle magnets after each use, this will stop the paintwork from becoming discoloured underneath. If you leave your magnets on for too long then the sun will bake the paintwork around the magnet, leaving the colour underneath a different shade.