Mobile, Non-invasive, Effective Advertising

One of the most effective ways of advertising - Vehicle Signage or 'Vehicle Wrapping'. 

Increased Sales

Vehicle Branding is an amazing, low cost advertisement for your business. Not only does it add to the professional image of your company but it also increases your leads. Many a time this happens as you are working at a location and somebody wants something similar done themselves. It may be whilst you stationary in traffic in front of a potential client.

Brand Awareness

As you travel, you are constantly advertising, allowing your brand to be more recognisable to passers by. Every time you are parked up, you are advertising. Every time you drive from A to B, you are advertising. Even when you are not at work, and are parked up outside your own home, you are advertising!

Gain Trust

Customers will trust you more knowing that you are a professional company that invests and takes pride in it's image. It's good for your clients to know exactly who you are before you even knock on their door to introduce yourself. This is especially important with the vulnerable and elderly.

The Vehicle Design Process

We make the vehicle graphic design process very easy to follow. We will require details about your vehicle such as make, model and year. We will also ask you about what you would like on the design.

Once we know, leave it to us and we will send across a beautiful design, custom to your brand.

  • 100% Free Professional Graphic Design.

  • Unlimited revisions on your design until you are fully satisfied.

  • Once your design is finalised we will provide you with a free no obligation quote.

Vehicle Branding Options

Vinyl Graphics & Lettering

This low cost solution can be just as effective as Digital Print and Vehicle Wrapping. It's all about the design! Our M7 and Metascape vinyls last up to 7 years if looked after correctly. We have a huge range of colours available so you are bound to find a vinyl to match your brands colour. Your graphics and text will be cut out of the colour vinyl that you pick using our professional wide format plotters. We have coloured vinyl swatches at our unit in Horndean that you are free to view before your design proceeds. That way you will know exactly what you will be getting on the day your vehicle is signwritten.

Full Colour Digital Print

Full colour print is necessary if needing a design with gradient colours (or gradual colours). Also used to match specific colours when this cannot be colour matched to our single vinyl rolls. Our print is laminated in either gloss or matt depending on your preference. This protects the design, ensuring the ink does not fade for years to come. Higher cost than our single colour rolls but an affordable and effective choice for those who cannot afford vehicle wrapping.

This print allows for the design to be very creative and eye catching by using Full Colour pictures and graphics. It makes your design pop!

Half and Full Vehicle Wraps

The most expensive option but allows the most creativity and flexibility with designs. The impact of your design will likely be much higher and extremely effective. Wrapping vinyl is needed to go over tricky contours and recesses on vehicles and is also used to colour change vehicles. This needs to be a wrap vinyl as it ensures your graphics stay where they should and do not come away in the heat. The cost of your wrap will depend on the size, the amount of vinyl needed as well as the complexity of where your graphics are going. The more difficult, the more time required for the graphics to be completed.

Vehicle Magnets

Sometimes our customers need something temporary or removable on their vehicles. Vehicle magnets are perfect for this. This is often a solution to anybody who needs to carry out contract work but also wants to advertise now and then on their own jobs. Our vehicle magnets are supplied in custom sizes and can be cut up to 620mm wide and 1000mm in length. They are covered in full colour print and laminated to stop the ink from fading and the print from scratching. We print only onto 0.8mm heavy duty vehicle grade magnet to ensure that the magnets stay on whilst you drive. The magnets can withstand speeds of up to 70MPH.

How much does Sign Writing cost?

Signwriting your vehicle may be more affordable than you may think. The cost varies between size of vehicles and designs however it is easy to keep costs down if you know what pushes the costs up. See our handy article for how to do this. Below is an example of a design proof that you would be sent. This is based on a short wheel base, Ford transit custom. The cost to supply the vehicle graphics for this and also signwrite the van would be in the region of £175.00 plus vat. 


We have a portfolio of vehicles that we have designed and sign written at our commercial unit in Horndean, Hampshire.

Ready to start your vehicle design?

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Existing Graphics that need removing?

As well as sign writing vehicles we also offer a Sign Writing Removal Service at £35.00 per hour (ex vat)​ 

Please send us a photo of the sides, back or front of the vehicle that require the signage to be removed.  

Special plastic tools and chemicals are used to remove your graphics and the glue that is left behind once the graphics are removed. 

This requires a lot of patience and time, and if your time is precious then you may want us to remove it for you.

Please note: All materials, chemicals and tools we use are safe to use on your vehicle however, damage can be caused if the paintwork is faulty underneath. 

Unfortunately this is not something that we can predict until the graphics are being peeled off. 

Branditright Ltd cannot be held liable if this occurs so please bare this mind before proceeding with signage removal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does sign writing cost?

As mentioned above on this page, the price will depend on the size of your vehicle, design elements and complexity. For further information, please see our guide.

How much does it cost to have my vehicle designed?

For vehicle signwriting, the cost for your professionally designed vehicle is 100% Free. Amendments may be made as many times as necessary until you are happy to move onto the quotation stage.

How long do you need my vehicle for?

As standard we ask for your vehicle to be left with us from 9am until 5pm, however it is usually completed before this time. On the day we will ask for your mobile number so that we may call you if the vehicle is finished early. For more complicated designs such as full wraps we may require your vehicle for more than one day.

Do I need to do anything before I bring my vehicle in?

Yes, we ask for the outside of the vehicle to be clean on the day it is due to be signwritten and for any glue or tar to be removed. You may wash this simply with water and soap, no wax as this makes the vinyl slippery when trying to fit your graphics.

Once my vehicle has been sign written, how do I ensure that the graphics last?

We have prepared a handy guide that you can view here to ensure that your graphics last on your vehicle. If you need any further advice then please call us on 02392 595124 during working hours to discuss this.

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