Full Colour Printed Counter Stands

Complete your event stand set with our range of full colour printed counters. The perfect solution to not only show off your brand but for laying important products or documents. 

Traditional Pop-up Counter

The staple counter for any exhibition or event. The counter top is made from beech wood with an inner shelf inside to place documents or marketing materials. Each of our stands comes with its very own carry case for ease of transportation between events.

Your design will be printed in full colour onto our semi rigid 500 micron CystalFlex which is anti-scratch and light-stop. Self Locking Magnetic assembly is quick and easy, taking roughly 5 minutes to set up with only one person.

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SEG Fabric Pop-up Counter

A perfect addition to the SEG range, this matching counter has a beech counter top, a carry case included for ease of transportation and professional sewn full colour graphics onto 210gsm Polyester with your very own design. 

This counter is also very fast to set up, only requiring one person and a rough completion time of 5 minutes.

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Stretch Fabric Counter

Our Stretch Fabric Counter contains four aluminium tube like poles, printed fabric cover, counter top and base. It can be assembled by one person in roughly 10 minutes. It comes in it's very own carry bag making this counter easy to transport between events. 

The inside of the stand itself is hollow, so you can hide anything in here that you don't want on show whilst at the exhibition. The 260gsm Stretch cover fabric fits snuggly over the counter top and base. Tension is then applied by the silicon edge surrounding the counter.

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Counta Indoor Stand

The Counta Indoor Stand is a great lightweight, portable solution for any Indoor exhibition. Your full colour graphics are vinyl prints that are already fit to the base and header, all you need to do is put it together out of the box. Our stand comes with it's very own carry case and is the most affordable counter we offer, making it great for anybody starting out.

Notice: The base graphic does not wrap around the corner folds. The graphic size includes two 7mm-wide vertical gutters, which allow for the corners. These will show as white edges from top to bottom when assembled.

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Tornado Outdoor Stand

Our Tornado Outdoor Stand is the only stand that we offer that can stand against the elements outside. Fill the hollow base with water or sand to give the counter extra stability. Each stand comes with a printed full colour graphic for the counter and the header top, giving extra visibility to your brand.

The base of the counter comes with pre-fit Velcro strips making the stand easy to assemble. 

Constructed from moulded HDPE and PVC tambour. Head top is made out of 5mm Foamex.

If you are interested in any of our counters, please get in touch so that we can supply you with a quote and design for your stand.