advertise with flyers & leaflets

Want to market your business locally? A low cost, effective solution is printed flyers or leaflets. These can be delivered by yourself or a third party company that distributes these for you. 

Flyers start from a small quantity of 100 to 20,000+ therefore are suitable for both small drops or large distribution. With an eye-catching design and the right messaging, you could potentially pick up many local customers with this method. 

Leaflet or flyers aren't always posted through letterboxes. You may need informational leaflets to give to your customers when they ask you about a product or service. Perhaps you would like some promotional flyers on display on reception or in the office? They have many uses.

Leaflets or Flyers?

So what is the difference? A flyer is typically A5 size (the size of a normal piece of paper folded in half) and would not be folded whereas leaflets are usually folded once or twice and contain more information.

Leaflets are slightly more expensive due to the labour time to crease the folds for you and the design will cost more as they are likely to contain more information and require more time.

What will my flyers or leaflets be made out of?

We have many exciting stock options available for your flyers or leaflets. We have standard silk paper that is the most affordable and what you would usually expect when you think of a flyer material. We have Uncoated, which can be written on and is not glossy, so provides a more subtle look for your business or event. We also now have Kraft paper that is brown and textured. This adds a unique look to your promotions, a 'rustic' feel.

Sizing & Folds

After deciding which material you would like your design printed onto, you then need to consider the size. Typically a flyer is A5 size but we can also provide A4, A6, A7, DL and a few extra sizes. The best way to decide is by the amount of imagery and text that needs to go onto the flyer. Text size can only go so small, so think carefully about the amount of information or pictures that need to go onto your design.

For the leaflets, you also need to decide how many folds you would like, perhaps a half fold or tri fold? (Folded once or twice) Consider the size you want the leaflet to be when folded completely. If you aren't sure, our team are more than happy to suggest a size for you once knowing what you require on the design.

Professional Graphic Design

Many times, our customers have the perfect design in their heads but just lack the technical know-how on how to get that design down onto a document that is print ready. Some struggle with ideas for the design and only have the information in a text form and need extra help with making the design eye-catching and enticing.

Our Professional Design Team can assist with the design. When using this service, you will be asked to provide a design brief. Please give us as much information and direction for the design as you can, as we want this to turn out exactly as you imagine. The more we have to work with the better! Once the design brief has been submitted, we can then get to work on the first design for you. 

Once the first design proof has been sent to you, you will be given a chance to make amendments and changes. We will never proceed to print without an approval from our customers first. If you want to learn more about our design service please click here.

Ready to start the design process or want to learn more about this process?