Embroidery looks fantastic, lasts a long time and washes up really well. It's perfect for branding up your company uniforms, and looks professional. All of this is achieved with our Melco 

So how does it work? When you decide to have embroidery, the standard place for your logo to go on each garment is on the front left chest. Your artwork is put through a specialist program that converts your design into stitches. This will then provide a file that we can use on our embroidery machine, allowing your artwork to be embroidered out of thread.

We have a huge selection of coloured threads to pick from so you are likely to find one that closely matches the colour of your design. We have swatches at our commercial unit in Horndean, Hampshire so please visit if you wish to pick out your own colours or we can send a photo across of a colour suggestion.

When picking embroidery, we send a photo of how your design looks in stitches before this is sewn onto any of your garments.

There are some restrictions for designs that require embroidery. Very fine small details are usually not achievable and more than 16 colours are not possible. We also cannot embroider gradual colours, also known as gradients.

If you are unsure whether your artwork is suitable for embroidery or you would like to discuss a possible order then please contact us and we will have a look at this for you and advise you which decoration method may be best for your design.

Our Embroidery