Direct to garment print

What is a direct to garment print?

Direct to garment printers are the perfect solution for our customers who require a very large print or a design that is complex and has multiple colours. The results it produces are amazing and look great.

A layer of pre-treatment is first sprayed where the design will be printed. This flattens the fibers down, and the pre-treatment ensures that your designs last through the wash. Your garment is then fit to a flat bed and then sent into our printer. It lays down a layer of white first and then goes back over your design in full colour. The white is necessary to lay down first to ensure that your design looks vibrant and the colours pop out, particularly when printing onto dark garments such as black or navy.

In order for your print to look the best it can, the type of garment required for this printing process is 100% cotton, even better if it is ringspun combed cotton. This is due to the thousands of fibers that stick up on a garment, the tighter the weave the better the result. If the fibers are flatter then your print will have less imperfections in it.

Don't worry if this sounds complicated as our team will help with this process for you and will suggest suitable garments for this printer.

Direct to Garment Print

Interested in direct to garment print? Contact our team and we will be happy to talk through various options with you.