Corrugated Signs

Our Corrugated Signs are cost effective, semi rigid and are perfect for short term use. In addition to its low costs, It is also lightweight making this a practical solution for anything that needs to be hung from the ceiling or fit to a wall with double sided tape or Velcro, minimising damage to walls and other surfaces. All of our Fluted board is manufactured in the UK and is printed one or both sides in full colour using water based inks. The design on your boards is 100% custom and best of all is free!

In order to design your board we will first need to know the size that you require. This can be anything up to 3000mm in length by 1524mm in height. Our corrugated boards are white as standard and then printed in colour over the white board. Alternatively we can supply a stock colour of board which is supplied in black, yellow, green, red or blue. Thicknesses for our corrugated boards are 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. The maximum size of your sign varies between thicknesses so please let us know what you need. 4mm would be the thickness that we would use normally. Our boards can be used inside and outside.

Typical uses for our corrugated signs would be: Estate agent signs, site advertising boards, lamp post signs and a sign for any short term promotions. 

Our Corrugated Boards are 100% Recyclable