About us

Branditright Ltd is a branding company that was established in 2003. We are based in Horndean Hampshire where we produce our work but also meet and greet our clients at our commercial unit too.

We strongly believe in giving an excellent personal customer service. We want all of our customers to feel special and to provide the best advice, products and services for them that we can. We specialise in many different products ranging from personalised clothing, vehicle branding all the way to printed business cards for your business. The idea is to keep all of your branding under one roof so that the branding process is convenient, easy and consistent for you.

We are happy to chat to anybody that needs advice on branding their business. Advice on issues such as not knowing the right polo-shirt to order for your employees or what type of sign material will be suitable outdoors for your salon. We get to meet all kinds of people from all types of business and we love it! 

Our team

Our company consists of four family members, five if you count the Branditright dog, Pippin. Take a look below to learn a little more about the people behind the scenes who will be sending you emails, chatting with you on the phone or working hard on your orders.


Ernie is our Director and the founder of Branditright Ltd. He started our company in 2003 when it was called 1st Class Signs. Since then we have branched out to offer more than signage. He produces most of the products ranging from signs to vehicle graphics. He is the production man!

Interests & Hobbies: I love to play games on the weekend if I'm not working or settling down with a lovely glass of Jack Daniels and a good film to watch. 


Jeanette is also a Director of Branditright Ltd. She is the heart and soul of all embroidery jobs. She has great attention to detail and creates some awesome embroidery work. She uses our two Melco machines to make your garments look great.

Interests & Hobbies: I have a tropical fish tank at home which I love looking after and watching (It's quite relaxing!). I also have a small fish pond with shubunkins and coy carp. When I'm not tending to my fish, I love to look after my garden, it is my domain!


Larissa handles most of the graphic design. She has 10 years experience in programs such as Corel Draw & Photoshop, and produces most of the visual proofs sent to our customers. She loves speaking to our customers and helping people from all different professions.

Interests & Hobbies: When I'm not working, I believe the weekends are for relaxing! I am a bit of an introvert and love gaming, watching TV shows and baking. When I go out for walks I love meeting friendly lovely dogs and always try to pet them if I am allowed!


Tasha handles most of the quotations, helping businesses that need to work within a budget. She liaisons with our customers to understand exactly what they want and offers advice for the best way to get there.

Interests: & Hobbies: Streaming, Gaming, Movie Buff, Catching up with friends.


Every business needs security, and ours comes in a form of a little dog named Pippin. She spends most most of her days at our unit, inspecting jobs. She is a harsh task master!

Interests: & Hobbies: Walks, Eating, Chasing Squirrels, Tennis Balls!

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