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high visibility branding

Safetywear & PPE

Branded high visibility garments serve as a crucial component of safety and visibility in various industries and work environments. These garments are specifically designed with bright, fluorescent colours and reflective materials to ensure maximum visibility even in low-light conditions.

With the addition of branding elements such as company logos or names, these garments not only prioritize safety but also act as effective promotional tools. Branded high visibility garments create a professional and cohesive look for teams working in construction, roadwork, emergency services, and other high-risk professions. They instill a sense of trust and reliability among workers and enhance the overall image of the organization.


Embroidery Available

Embroidery is the most durable personalisation method and promotes an excellent professional image.

Print drop

Print Available

Perfect for thinner garments or for large full colour prints for maximum impact.

By prominently displaying the company’s branding, these garments also contribute to brand recognition and awareness, both within the workplace and to external observers. Ultimately, branded high visibility garments strike a balance between safety and branding, providing a practical solution for visibility while reinforcing a company’s identity and professionalism.

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