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Is Embroidery the best option?

Embroidery is by far the most durable personalisation method for custom work uniforms.

It looks amazing Softshell Jackets, Polo's, Caps, Hoodies, Gilets and more. A typical order is usually a left chest logo sewn onto the garment to give off a professional image for your business.

Some companies go further by adding a large embroidered logo to the back for maximum impact. Back embroidered logos look amazing as they contain so much detail.


Is my logo suitable for Embroidery?

Most logos are suitable for embroidery or will need amending slightly so that they work in thread. As an example, a thin small font may need to be increased in size or made thicker to prevent it from coming out badly once sewn.

Other limitations include gradual colours in logos (gradients) which will be replaced with a single colour thread. 

When placing your order with us, you will always be advised in advance if your logo needs to be changed in any way.


How will I know what my logo will look like in thread?

When placing an order for embroidered uniforms, we will always sew out your logo first and show this to you (Either by email or in person). This is usually sewn onto a sample garment similar in colour to what you have ordered. This way you a more accurate idea of how it's going to look once finished.

You will then be able to advise if any changes are necessary before embroidering. If you need something amended, another sew out will be sent to you for approval.

How much does Embroidery cost?

The amount you pay depends on the detail in your logo as well as the position and size you choose your logo to be on your garment.

We have put together a table below to give you an idea of costs. High stitch logos are charged more as they take longer on our machines.

You will pay the base cost for the garment that you select plus the decoration costs below.

Prices below do not include VAT

Embroidery price

Can you Embroidery anything?

We can embroider most garments but avoid anything that is too thin. This will simply rip when embroidered or the stitching will be too heavy to sit on the garment.

It would likely result in the garment being uncomfortable to wear and will contain puckering around your design.

You will always be advised if this is the case and we will sometimes refuse to embroider a garment if we know it's going to end up a bad result.

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