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Text, Logo & Graphic Decals

People request custom decals for all kinds of reasons. It can be a one-off decal for an event such as a wedding or birthday. You may need several  to apply to custom products that you have made yourself. Sometimes you simply want to label jars in the house! We use an excellent 7-year coloured sign vinyl for your decals and the choice of colours is great. We can create 1 or 2 colour decals. So what graphics can be used for decals? Read on.

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We are currently working on a decal shop where you can order off-the-shelf common decals for various different needs.

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Custom Text Decals

The first and most common type of decal that we supply is text only. Your custom message can be cut out of any of these colours. You may pick a custom font style of your choosing such as a serif, sans serif or handwritten style.

Our decals can also be made to a custom width and height making them truly unique and special for your event or company.

Bespoke Logo & Graphic Decals

Your decal does not have to be text. If your logo or graphic is simplistic enough then our plotter will be able to cut the graphics out for you. Avoid graphics with too many colours (We can only cut and piece together 2 colours) or very thin/intricate detailing. Think of stencil-like graphics or silhouettes.

If you aren’t sure if your artwork can be used as a decal then please feel free to get in touch and we can have a look at this for you. Pricing is bespoke for our decals depending on quantity, complexity and number of colours.

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