Should I get print or embroidery?

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Embroidery vs Print

The big question! Our customers come to us frequently wanting a brand new uniform that oozes professionalism. The question on their lips is usually, should I have my clothing printed or embroidered. What's the difference? Well, depending on your design, you may need to have it printed or vice versa, embroidered. If your design is suited to both decoration processes then it not only falls down to personal preference but their are a few other questions to ask yourself too. How often will the garments be washed? Will you be ordering new clothing often therefore want to keep decoration costs down? Do you want a big design on the back, that perhaps embroidery would be to heavy for? As you can see, it's not really a simple answer, there are a lot of factors to consider.

 We have drawn up some examples of what decoration method we would use below depending on the artwork being used. This will hopefully give a better idea of what works best in what situation.

This hoodie was printed using our Direct to Garment machine. The reason why this was the perfect decoration method in this case can be seen below.

Our client for this job wanted the names of each pupil inside the numbers on the back of the hoodie. Intricate small details such as this are perfect for direct to garment and come out clearly. Embroidery and Transfer Print would not have been suitable as it would struggle with details this small. The prints on the back were also required to be quite large which our DTG machine was ideal for. Lastly the hoodie was at least 80% cotton which means that the print would sit nicely on the clothing fibres. 

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Here we have another example, a softshell jacket that was embroidered with our customers logo.

The reason why this was the best solution in this case was the fact that it was a soft shell jacket. Typically you do not want to apply heat to this kind of item as it can leave a shiny patch where the heat press is placed. There are low heat transfer vinyls that you can use for this process but we always think it's best to embroider the logo instead. Not only does it look professional but it's also very hard wearing, which is just want you want when you are paying a little more for a garment, such as a jacket.

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Our last example shows transfer print, 2 colours in this instance. Transfer print is ideal when needing a design on the back of a garment. Often embroidery can feel too heavy due to the amount of stitching required to fill such a big design, and due to the time it takes to embroider something this large, the cost is also greater. 

So why not Direct to Garment instead? This falls down to the type of garment we are working with in this example. It is a high % polyester garment (High Visibility Hoodie) which DTG just isn't cut out for. The print would not lay nicely on the garment itself, and your print would likely wash out leaving you disappointed.

Learn more about Transfer Print.

You may now be sitting there thinking, "help me, now this makes things even more complicated!" We understand that the different processes can be confusing and therefore our team are available, five days a week to help with any questions you may have. Simply send your design and what you would like and we will advise you every step of the way, no need to panic.

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