What to look out for when having a logo designed

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Keeping your logo files safe and accessible

Whenever you decide to have anything branded, it is vital to have a high resolution logo to ensure that your print comes out looking amazing every time. When paying for a logo design, make sure you are provided with all the files necessary or both digital and print use.

A version of your logo should be scalable. This means that no matter the size of your logo it will not lose quality and will look great every time it is printed. See below for an example of a file that is and isn't scalable. Both versions have been enlarged and this is the result.


Logo design can tend to be quite expensive therefore it is vital to make sure that you keep the files somewhere safe once they are sent to you. The company which designed your logo may not always be there, therefore the last thing you need is to lose your logo files. Especially when you have paid sometimes in the hundreds for your design.

Typical files that you will be sent of your logo include files such as a JPEG or PNG file. This should only really be used for digital use. The JPEG file will come with a background and the PNG version has a transparent background. This is perfect or overlaying your logo onto other backgrounds of your choice.

The most popular file format you will be sent of your logo will be a high resolution PDF. This is ideally the most important file to keep as this is most likeable scalable if done correctly, and can be changed later on if you decide to edit your logo slightly. It is typically the type of file that your printer will ask for.

It is sad to say that on many occasions, customers approach me wanting branding for items such as clothing print or sign writing, and when asked for the logo they do not have a copy of it. This then entails an extra charge (hassle and delays) as we will need to take whatever version of the logo you have whether it is a physical printed flyer you have kept by or an old letterhead, and physically re-trace the logo by hand. Basically, recreated your logo again. This will usually cost around £25 to £35. A cost that could easily be avoided if your logo files are kept safe and backed up often! I cannot stress this enough.

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