How much does it cost to have a van sign written?

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A question I often get asked by our customers is "How much will it cost to have my van sign written?"

My answer is always the same! It really varies due to the type of design, vehicle, size and where the graphics are being placed. It is therefore impossible to give a one off cost, unfortunately it's not 'one size fits all'. You may therefore be panicking about whether to even ask for this service. Luckily, we offer a completely free professional vehicle design service along with a free quotation. It is necessary for us to do this in order to quote your sign writing accurately, so you should never be scared to ask for this service,

You are then under no obligation to proceed, so why not take the risk. It's always a great idea to give your sign writer an idea of a budget as this will be kept in mind when designing the graphics for your vehicle and will avoid disappointment at the end.

Below I have summarised the key 3 factors that will alter how your vehicle sign writing is priced.

1) The size of the graphics you require. Simply put, printed or cut graphics for a large truck require more material, ink and labour time to fit as they are usually a little trickier to work with. If you are having exactly the same but on a small van then this would cost considerably less usually.

2) Where the graphics are being placed. Labour time can be increased depending on where your graphics are being placed. For example if you specify that a certain part of your graphics need to cover a difficult deep recess, then this not only takes more time to fit, but will mean we have to buy a different, more expensive material. This is necessary to ensure that your print stays inside the recess, through all different heats and weathers that the UK loves to throw at us!

3) The amount of graphics you require. This one is pretty much a no brainer. The more you require on your vehicle in form of letters or pictures, the more labour and materials you will require, which in turn will increase overall costs.

To summarise, do not be afraid to enquire about vehicle graphics. You are entitled to a free design and no obligation quotation. You are then free to amend your design with us until you reach something that looks perfect for your brand and also falls within your budget.

Interested in having your vehicle signwritten? Check out our vehicle signage page.

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