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Bitmap vs vector

The difference between Vector and Bitmap Images

If done correctly, the PDF or EPS format that we ask for will be a vector graphic. What does this mean?

It means that the edges will be crisp and not blocky or blurry. No matter how much you zoom in, the image looks great. Similarly, if you increase the size of the image, it does not lose quality. See our example to the left. The image on the left has retained its quality whereas the image on the right looks blurry and low quality.

The other benefits of supplying vector graphics are that it allows us to edit your design. For example, changing your logo to white instead of black as it’s going onto dark garments.

Ensuring Fonts are Correct

The text in your design or logo has a specific font name assigned to it. Custom fonts can be downloaded from the internet and installed onto your computer to give your artwork a unique look.

However, when supplying your artwork, if your font is not converted to outlines or curves then your font will not display correctly and will display as the closest font available on our software.

If we do not have the font you have used installed on our own systems then it does not display correctly. If you convert your text then this stops this from happening and turns your text into a shape rather than a changeable font.

convert fonts

Transparency (No Background)

When uploading your artwork, if you do not want a background to show in your print or embroidery, then please supply a file without this.

File formats that support this are EPS, PDF, PNG, AI, SVG. If you do not have a version of your design without the background but wish for it to be removed, then please specify this in the special notes when placing your order. Our artwork team will then remove this for the print or embroidery process.

For detailed or complicated designs, there may be a charge for removing this background which you will be notified about once we check your artwork.

What size will my design be?

The size of your print or embroidery will depend on the look of your design but as a general rule of thumb, we stick within the sizes below:

Decoration TypePositionSize (cm)
Embroidery or PrintFront left, right and sleevesBetween 7cm - 10cm
EmbroideryBackBetween 20cm - 26cm
PrintFront or BackBetween 20cm - 28cm
EmbroideryCapsBetween 5cm - 11cm
PrintCapsBetween 5cm - 10cm
Print & EmbroideryYokeBetween 7cm - 10cm
Print & EmbroideryBagsCustom and differ between bags

There are circumstances where sizes may differ slightly. For example, If your design is particularly tall then we may decrease the width of this so that this does not look too big when proceeding with personalisation.

For other custom sizes for bags etc please get in touch with us.

Please note: The size will be specified on your proof before you proceed so please double-check this before approving.

CMYK vs RGB Colours

When supplying your artwork, please supply this in CMYK colours wherever possible. This is the colour palette used for professional printing.

Setting this colour mode to CMYK will show you a good representation on how the final print will look. Sending us images in RGB colour formats can lead to disappointment. This is because the colours in your design will be converted to the nearest CYMK value when printing. This could look quite a bit different as you can see on our example image to the right.

Some colours are not possible to achieve in CMYK.

Please note: When having embroidery we will match your colours as close as possible in the threads available. If having a 1 to 2 colour print, we will likely use a clothing vinyl for the print to the closest match. You will be notified about what colours are being used in your artwork proof which you will need to approve first.


Artwork Proof

We will never proceed with any personalised clothing order until the artwork proof has been checked and approved.

If any issues flag up regarding your artwork during this process then we will contact you at this point to discuss how to fix it. The proof will be sent to you via email within 24 hours (during the working week) so please check your inbox and spam folder regularly for this.

Your order will not be processed until the artwork has been signed off by you.

Please note: It is your responsibility to check for any inconsistencies when the proof is provided and to notify us of any changes needed at this point. If making changes, we may have to send multiple proofs before the order can proceed. This is to protect you and ensure that you get the outcome you are looking for.

If you still have questions regarding your artwork then please contact us. We offer free friendly advice so please do not be afraid to ask. Supplying artwork can often be quite a confusing process so its perfectly fine to have lots of questions!

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